Urban Sustainability

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Urban Sustainability: A Global Perspective
Edited by Igor Vojnovic, Department of Geography, Michigan State University.
Published: December 2012, Michigan State University Press.

This volume focuses on the need for, the attributes of, and methods for creating sustainable urban areas. Sustainability in this context refers to the ability of an urban entity to maintain itself in an economically stable, livable, and environmentally viable fashion over the long term. Thus, the book will address issues such as urban environmental pressures in industrialized and non-industrialized countries, experiments with “green” economic development, urban environmental designs, and the nexus of urban environments, residential health, social stress and sustainability.

1) Urban Sustainability
Igor Vojnovic (Michigan State University)

2) Developing Sustainable Policies, the Shanghai Experience
Dan Sui (Texas A&M University) and Wei Tu (Georgia Southern University)

3) Promoting Sustainable Manufacturing in Nagoya:
Exploring the Dynamics in Japan’s Comparative Advantage

Ron Kalafsky (University of Tennessee)

4) Sustainability, Urban Transitions, and Development: The Case Study of Nang Rong, Thailand
Joe Messina and Perry Varnakovida (Michigan State University)

5) Deconcentration in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area: Governance, Markets and the Quest for Sustainability
Eran Razin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

6) Poverty, Vulnerability, and Urban Sustainability in Indian Mega-Cities
Darshini Mahadevia (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad)

7) Urban Sustainability and Automobile Dependence in an Australian Context
Peter Newman and Jeff Kenworthy (Murdoch University)

8) Settlement Patterns and Land Use in Nairobi, Kenya: Is There Room for Sustainability?
Jenny Olson, Jiagou Qi, and David Campbell (Michigan State University)

9) The Centrality of Housing to Urban Sustainability
Victoria Basolo (University of California, Irvine)

10) The Role of Ethnicity and Class in Urban Sustainability: Shaping the Detroit Urban Environment
Joe Darden and Igor Vojnovic (Michigan State University)

11) Planning for Sustainability in the Greater Toronto Area
Pierre Filion (University of Waterloo)

12) Growing Sustainable Communities: The Role of Urban Gardens in Rio de Janeiro
Antoinette Winklerprins (Michigan State University)

13) Urban Sustainability in the Face of Globalization: Copenhagen
Eric Clark and Stefan Anderberg (Lund University)

14) Urban Form and Sustainability: Exploring Urban Development Patterns in Lisbon and Porto
Carlos Balsas (Arizona State University)

15) Pursuing sustainable development in Italian waterfront cities: The case of Genoa, Venice and Naples
Elena Franco (FacoltÓ di Ingegneria, Politecnico di Torino), Zenia Kotval (Michigan State University), and Giovanna Codato (FacoltÓ di Ingegneria