Reclaiming Brownfields

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Reclaiming Brownfields: A Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Reuse of Contaminated Properties
Edited by Richard Hula, Political Science, and Laura Reese, Political Science and Global Urban Studies, and Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, Honors College, Michigan State University.
Published: September 2012, Ashgate Publishing.

This volume focuses on the intersection of four public policy arenas: land-use, environmental protection/reclamation, public health, and economic development. Chapters in the book address several fundamental questions surrounding the redevelopment of contaminated sites, explicitly exploring the:

  • location, remediation, and economic development similarities and differences in cities in North America, Asia, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe;
  • spatial patterns of urban brownfield location and poverty in urban areas;
  • assessment of degree and type of remediation across types of cities and neighborhoods;
  • examination of different remediation processes and standards across cities in different nations;
  • evaluation of the economic development outcomes of projects located on formerly contaminated sites; and,
  • role of neighborhood organizations in remediation and development planning.


Introduction: Brownfield Redevelopment as Public Policy

Incentives for Collaboration: State-level Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Programs
Elizabeth A. Lowham

Changing Agendas in State Environmental Policy: Development Versus Cleanup in Brownfield Programs
Richard C. Hula

Revitalizing Contaminated Land in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States: A Comparative Perspective
Philip Catney, Tiziana Cianflone, and Kris Wernstedt

Redevelopment Strategy of Brownfield Sites in the Czech Republic
Petra Rydvalova and Miroslav Zizka


Introduction: Implementing Brownfield Policy

Exploring the Potential for Integrating Community Benefits Agreements Into Brownfield Redevelopment Projects
Courtney E. Knapp and Justin B. Hollander

The Quantitative and Qualitative Impacts of Brownfield Policies in England
Katie Williams

New Urban Communities: Building for America’s Next Generation
Mark L. Gillem and Jill A. Schreifer

The Inertia of Environmental Regulatory Enforcement in China: Collusion or Abuse of Authority?
Han Hongyun and Zhao Liange

Strategic Land Management in Germany – One Key for Brownfield Cleanup and Sustainable Development
Detlef Grimski, Fabian Dosch, and Herbert Klapperich


Introduction: Exploring Program Outcomes

Fostering Brownfields Development in the Rust Belt: A Comparison of State Approaches and Their Impacts in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh
Andrea E. Yang

Institutional Network Management in Brownfield Cleanup and Redevelopment
Rob Alexander

From Blighted Brownfields to Healthy And Sustainable Communities: Tracking Performance And Measuring Outcomes
Laurel Berman, Christopher A. De Sousa, Terri Linder, and David Misky

Michigan Brownfield Redevelopment Innovation: Two Decades of Success
Robert A. Jones and William F. Welsh